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Honesty Inspection Company has rich experience and advanced skills in toys inspection in years, the export toys quality requirements higher and higher in these years to meet the demand of the market of the Japanese,U.S and European. We particularly establish professional inspection team for export toys, including full inspection ,random inspection, production process ,quality control .

Such as plastic toys inspection content:

1. Sample contrast with products, data check

2. Visual inspection:

A.whether the product shape deformation,missing accessories or parts.

B.check the accessories (like mini fan, different type fan parts has defferent assembly parts).

C.appearance leakage , under painting ,over painting , poor printing , poor tempo pringting poor printing silk .

D.dirty mark, stain mark,under gate cutting, scratch mark, excessive flash, color difference etc.

3. Function or special inspection.

A.if the product has instructions book,then check it accordingly.

B. customer indicating the special nature of the test items ( for example: paint adhesion test, fatigue test, pull and torque test,scan test ,etc)(Normally we will randomly selectes several quantity to do the function test accordance with AQL)

4 packing confirmation:

packing way and packaging security .check the package quantity in the export cartons, check the shipping marks, take the actual gross weigh, do the drop test and stack test. Check the layer of the cartons to see weather is tough enough. no dirty mark ,no damage, no deformation.

Above is my company's roughly inspection way of the export toys, the specific limits of the  approved sample signed by customers, if found abnormal and defective case during the inspection, we will inform to the customer. Fastest efficiency to reduce the losses to customers and factories,actively assist the factory side to solve the probelems,to ensure the delivery schedule and smooth shipment.

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