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Honesty Inspection Company give customer constructional inspection program and suggestion based on different area customer and different commodities under the different analysis.

Company mainly include 2 different kinds of customer: 1. Japan customers (2) the Europe and American customers.


Japan customer request:100% full inspection service for Japan customer, this customer are very strict for the quality.

European and America customer request: have middle request for the quality, normally adopt the AQL inspection and mostly need to check it before the shipment.

Below is the AQL inspection classification and inspection content:

1.AQL inspection: that meash do the inspection for the partial goods from the mass production goods and confirm the status of the full batch goods.

The inspection include 3 stages;

A. initial inspection before production

B. confirm the material is correct or not.

C. goods and sample,check the sample based on the documents and make sure the goods are same as the sample or documents in order to advoid any defet goods during the mass production.

D. check the production process and production capacity and every production procedure in smoothly or not.

2. Line-in inspection:

A. check the mass productiion and sample,documents conformity.

B. do the AQL inspection for the finished goods and confrim the full production quality in order to avoid more defect goods.

c. confirm the packing details and safety issue.

d. confirm the factory production process.

3. According to the international AQL standard to do the final inspection for the 100% finished and 80% packed goods.and last confirm the goods if fail or pass.

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