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Inspection process:send the products/packing material to our company.we will arrange the number of inspector to proceed inspection,according to your shipping date.Our inspectors will according to the inspection standards to make full inspection and packing.And the make category management of the defective goods and packed/marks,than send back to the factory.After the factory re-do it,we will check again.


1.To guarantee to product quality and safty

2.For different packing material,we can help you to make assembly and packed which can effective to guarantee the quality and the delivery.

Highlight:make clear that your order quantity,the packing material should be sent on time.

than we can catch up the shipping date.

Item scope:1.stable products.2.clothing,bag,shoes,caps and other stitching items.3.safety for transportation.4.good quality products.5.the factory facility is not ok.

Special points:we have our own logistics company,we can arrange customs clearance,shipment etc.To provide inspectiom,packing logistic together which can save a lot of time and cost.

Feedback and information:1.inspection report.2.digital photos.3.testing process.4.abnormal situation.

Needle detector:

1.Conveyor Type Needdle detector

2.Hang-held needle detector

3.X-ray needle detector


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