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Sampling(random inspection): Pre-production inspection;During production inspection;Pre-Shipment inspection.

Definition :according to AQL standards or as customer requirement to sampling a part of the products, according to the clients information to check the packing ,quantity and the appearance. function and the relevant test.After inspection we will make assessment of the whole lot.than according to AQL Maximum standard value to make judgement whether this lot can meet the shipping requirement of client.

Applicable objects: 1. for Europe and American market.   2.for the factory will good quality.

1.Pre-production inspection: when the production up to 10% ,we will strictly according to client instruction to check the material,accessories and production way ,and make comparison with the sample, to make sure the mass products are the same as the sample.

2.During production inspection: when the production up to 60% and begin to packing,our inspector will select the product or semi-products to check and do the relevant test,which can be find out the problems at the early stage and prevent the defective good continued to produce. at the same time we will take the effective measure to improve it and inform to client.At  this stage, we find the problems and find the way to solve it, and estimate the finished time.

3.Pre-shipment inspection:when all the products are finished and over 80% are packed,our inspector will according to AQL MIL.STD-105E to samping product to check (q'ty,packing,appearance,function and the relevant test,to check whether the products are the same as the sample.at this stage,we will make assessment of the whole lot to confirm the quality,and inform the client to arrange shipment.




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