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Order fulfillment monitoring Services:to control the products quality during production.

To provide the services for the importers.


Our inspector stationed in the factory,to control the production process and the product quality.If there is any defective goods are found, we will analyze it and find the way to solve it.At the same time we will report the situation to clients.

Item scope:

1.too many factories to control the quality .

2.huge order,to effective control the quality .

Inspection contents:

1.Production schedule management,to ensure the shipping date.

2.To reduce the defective goods .

3.To propose the improve measures and ensure the smooth production.

4.To confirm the improvement situation and the factory executive ability.

5.To confirm the result,and judge the measure's effectiveness.

Feedback and information:

1.Inspection report.

2.Digital photos.

3.Testing process.

4.Abnormal situation.

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