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First, consulting

Consultations by mail, telephone or fax, confirm the commodity inspection manner, standard and inspection date.

Second, offer

To confirm the inspection price, as the formal file to send to customer

Third, confirm the inspection of the contract

Before inspection date( 1 week in advance) send the order to us. for emergency situation 3 days in advance before inspection date.

Fourth, proceed inspection

To discuss the inspection standard for the 3 parties and confirm the standards.

Fifth, the feedback report

We will submit the inspection report and abnormal situation to client on the next day morning.

Sixth:, packing supervision

To supervise the safety of packing process, In case of the defective goods are mixed into the good products.

Seventh:, finished inpection

Customer will confirm the inspection report and indicate shippment.


Eighth: to consult client of the product quality

After delivery 10 days we consult client of the product quality.