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Do you know what is the job responsibility of the inspection? Let Honesty Inspection Company tell you.

1, According to the company receiving the program accepts the supplier of goods;

2, To ensure true,correct, clear the goods receipt;

3, The work is meticulous,serious,want to pay attention to rational;

4, Fresh and frozen goods comply with the principle of priority goods receipt;

5, Guide the suppliers according to the requirements of the company barcode, item name label,item number label, and changing the packing of goods;

6, Inspection of import goods and various way whether for clearance for mmlities;

7, Finishing the turnover warehouse,promptly notify the relevant dapartments to take delivery of the goods;

8, To ensure the smooth flow of the unloading area;;

9, Clear up the inspection area;

10, To assist the security personnel manage suppliers and other personnel management and import;

11, Timely cleaning all kinds of returns,ensure the full utilization of the turnover warehouse;

12, Help file auditor receiving data computer input;

Main responsibility and work:

A:attend dapartment meetings,obey their work arrangement,reading job log,handover ofthe work;

B: guide supplier to correct the unloading,stacking,paste barcode;

C:strictly in accordance with the different regional stacking goods,fresh goods and cooked food cann't piled together;

D: check whether the accurate scale;

E: do the inspection based on company AQL standard;

F: the acceptance of the goods must be consistent and order,no charge, but little words can approval,but to correct order.

G:terminal one by one test  to ensure the accuracy of barcode

H: the implementation of the first return after receiving program;

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