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Honesty International Inspection Company Ltd. is a professional third-party inspection company,specifically for export to Japan & Europe and American market gifts, jewelry, toys, bags, clothing, plastic products for full inspection or sampling inspection. 

Full inspection is divided into two categories 

1 Need to do 100% inspection for the goods. 

2 Goods delivery to our inspection factory for check and packing. 

Through our full inspection after the quality of the goods is in charge of by our situation. Ensure guest product quality.Offer the guest safe and secure the quality of service.According to the sampling inspection before shipment of goods when the goods to confirm whether the quality of the products is qualified according to the customer request or AQL standard.Above is our main business.Division I tested Disney figure.SSD product. TOMY product.

According to customer requirements, our company inspector can go to the factory or warehouse customer place an order, or in their own factory before shipment inspection of product qality sampling inspection or inspection(including product appearance, function,packing.quantity.safety check).Base on field test results, we will within 24 hours. providing detailed inspection reports and relevant to the customer sitephotos.Provide Chinese and English reports that for domestic and foreign guests. 

Honesty International Inspection Company Ltd. focuses on the integrity of service, preferential prices, welcomed the inquiry!


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